WordPress Maintenance Can Be A Pain

Every WordPress user has heard stories about theme or plugin updates breaking websites, or even worse, websites getting compromised by a hacker. Our WordPress maintenance service will remove the pain from keeping your site running at peak stability and securely.  We'll give you peace of mind in applying maintenance into simple recurring tasks which can be partially automated.  This can literally save days throughout the year by ensuring some simple and basic features.

Security Audit and Protection

WordPress powers over a third of all websites and hackers love it as a target. Imagine all the websites they can attack that use the same code base and platform. Since most attacks today are automated, you should not assume your website is safe from attack just because it is small.

We believe that security is paramount and why we help add defenses that will help protect you. We install tools that keep your website files monitored for unwanted changes (e.g. caused by malware), lock down open directories, protect your site from scripts running in the wrong place, and overall harden your website to help protect it and ensure uptime.

Daily Features

  • Full Database Backup - We will help set up a plugin that will fully backup your website database and transfer it to an Amazon AWS S3 Bucket
  • Malware and Security Scan - Comprehensive checks to ensure your site has not been compromised and infected with something nasty

Weekly Features

  • Full Site Files Backup - Using the same plugin used for the Daily Database Backup, we will fully backup your website files and transfer it to an Amazon AWS S3 Bucket

Monthly Features

  • Updates to Plugins, Themes, and Core - Using a connection to our centralized website management suite will will ensure your website is up-to-date and running the latest updates
  • Clean Up Your Database and Moderate Comments - Unclutter your website, remove span comments, and save space in your database, all making your site load faster

How Much?

There are many web hosting and support companies that charge $100 per month for simple services that can be setup in minutes, are automated, and many times a site will never see an issue.

Our service is a low $25 per month - this is under $1 per day - to ensure your site is secure, updated, and maintained correctly.